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Saint Lucia
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Saint Lucia Popular Places to Visit

Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail

Accessed at Edmund, above Soufriere, the Enbas Saut waterfall trail lies on the lush slopes of Mount Gimie, St. Lucia's highest mountain. The well-maintained trail circles through dense rainforest to a waterfall, which has eroded its way into volcanic rock. The trail takes about two hours 30 minutes and requires suitable hiking shoes. Be prepared to work your calves by walking up and down many steep steps. Along the way, you might spot birds such as the St. Lucia parrot, St. Lucia oriole, Semper's warbler, and St. Lucia wren, and the park also harbors exotic plants, such as the Blue Mahoe and Honduras mahogany. 

Most visitors access the trail in four-wheel-drive safari vehicles along a rough and rocky road that also affords one of the best vistas of the Pitons.

Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Sulphur Springs Park

Named for the sulfur once mined at this site, Mount Soufriere (also known as Sulphur Springs Park) is the most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. A road traverses the edge of the 274-meter crater making this one of the world's rare "drive-through" volcanoes. Though the last major volcanic eruption in St. Lucia occurred about 40,000 years ago, this volcanic pit continues to vent sulfur into the air and heat pools of water above boiling. You can view the bubbling pools and hissing fumaroles from observation platforms and soak in some nearby therapeutic springs.

Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Morne Coubaril Estate Zipline

Morne Coubaril Estate is a popular stop on the tourist circuit. The estate is an elegant working plantation growing cocoa, coconuts, and manioc. Ziplining in view of the Pitons is the most adventurous activity on offer, but you can also enjoy guided tours of the plantation, its tropical gardens, and a replica of a traditional village. Guides demonstrate the processing of coconut for food products and show how sugar cane syrup, cocoa, coffee, and manioc are produced. You can enjoy Creole food at the plantation's restaurant. Plantation tours on horseback are also available.

Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Anse Chastanet Marine National Park

Anse Chastanet coral reef harbors a treasure trove of sea life across varying depths. On a plateau of two to eight meters, divers can see colored sponges, soft corals, boulder coral, and brain corals. Frogfish inhabit a large nearby cavern, and divers may spot many varieties of fish in the coral gardens, including parrotfish, goatfish, wrasse, chromis, and barracudas. The edge of the plateau is a wall that drops 46 meters to a lace coral ecosystem inhabited by lobsters, crabs, and eels. Plate coral starts below 30 meters. Above the surface, Anse Chastanet is a sheltered beach with beautiful views of the Pitons.

South-west St Lucia, Saint Lucia

The Pitons

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Pitons Management Area, the Pitons are St. Lucia's twin towering peaks and prime topographic features. These distinctive peaks soar out of the sea to great heights. The Gros Piton (large piton) to the south is 798 meters high, and the Petit Piton (small piton) is 750 meters high. Formed by volcanic activity about 200,000 to 300,000 years ago, both the Pitons are considered difficult climbs. If you're a diver, you can explore them as underwater cliffs. However, most visitors simply view them for their scenic beauty.


South-west St Lucia, Saint Lucia

Morne Coubaril Estate

Morne Coubaril Estate

Experience a real St. Lucia Adventure at our 18th Century plantation.  See a working mill and the early historical key steps in the making of sugar cane syrup, producing cocoa and processing coconuts for food products. Explore historical features of the estate and take a look inside authentic huts within a traditional village setting and admire the botanical surroundings on one of the last remaining estates in St. Lucia.

Your St. Lucia Adventure awaits when you book a tour at Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park. We have 8 exhilarating zip lines! a historical estate tour with lots of chances to “taste history”, adventure-packed horseback riding to the beach or volcano, a refreshing mineral waterfall hike and much more!

Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Fond Doux Resort And Plantation

Fond Doux Holiday Plantation is a 19th century eco-friendly colonial plantation nestled in the heart of St Lucia. The resort is situated amidst a 250 yr old working plantation and features an assortment of uniquely crafted cottages, two onsite restaurants and a collage of outdoor swimming pools. We are conveniently located just minutes away from the island’s main attractions namely, The Sulphur Springs ‘The Caribbean’s only drive in volcano’, The Pitons and the best diving sites on island and are within the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site.
We are also in close proximity to the island’s international airport, offering a scenic drive to a cocoa plantation plantation 

Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Marigot Bay Marina


More than a Berthing destination

Accommodating some of the biggest superyachts ever made and attracting visitors travelling from some of the most exciting places in the world, Marigot Bay Marina is a spectacular sight to behold. A beautiful combination of deep blue waters from the bay and crisp, green palms from the gardens, Marigot Bay Marina is a showstopper. As practical as it is beautiful, the marina provides convenient access to the Caribbean for yacht charters and offers a 5 star luxury resort open all year for boaters and their guests. Luxury and local Shopping and Caribbean Hearty Cuisine restaurants are also available at the Marigot Marina

Marigot, Saint Lucia

Morne Fortune Castries

Morne Fortune Castries (Saint Lucia Historic Site)

Morne Fortune is a hill and residential area located south of CastriesSaint Lucia, in the West Indies.

Originally known as Morne Dubuc, it was renamed Morne Fortuné in 1765 when the French moved their military headquarters and government administration buildings here from Vigie Height. A fort was constructed here by the French, Citadelle du Morne Fortuné, completed in 1784. The fort was first captured by the British on 1 April 1794, but recaptured by the French in June 1795. It was captured again by the British on 24 May 1796. A memorial to the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot still stands commemorating the battle. France regained possession in 1802 with the Treaty of Amiens, but Commodore Samuel Hood defeated French Governor Brig. Gen. Antoine Noguès in June 1803, and the fort remained a British one until independence in 1979.

Fort Charlotte was named on 4 April 1794 by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn to honor Queen Charlotte. The Apostle's Battery was manned on 16 Dec. 1888 by the 1st West India Regiment when the port became a coaling station. On 12 Nov. 1890, 4 RML 10 inch 18 ton guns were manned by the Royal Artillery. The fort was abandoned in 1905, and a Secondary School occupies the site.

The original fortifications also still stand on the summit, and the old military buildings are in a listed historical area. The Saint Lucia National Trust operates this area.

Morne Fortune also hosts the Saint Lucian campus of the University of the West Indies as well as Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

Government House, the official residence of the Governor-General of Saint Lucia, is on the northern side of Morne Fortune. There are fine views of Castries available from there.

Castries, Saint Lucia

Rainforest Adventure Park

Rainforest Adventure Park

Rainforest Adventures creates unique and memorable experiences that inspire a sustainable use of the environment and an appreciation of the local culture while positively impacting our communities.

Situated in the highland community of Chassin, in Babonneau, Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia offers visitors a unique opportunity for full immersion in the island vibrant rainforest life.

Guests can choose to amble along different things to do in St. Lucia, such as 
eavesdropping on nature conversations along the nature trail, soaring up and away through the forest canopy on gondolas, or thrill-seeking on a zip line, gliding from platform to platform, high on the stoic trunks of the ancient sentries of the rainforest.

Babonneau, Saint Lucia